Cost of Education

Cost of Education

The Zeeland Christian School Board is committed to providing a quality, Christian education to as many children as possible at a reasonable price. Because Zeeland Christian is a private nonprofit school, the cost of education is completely covered by tuition dollars and the generosity of our community.



Monthly (12)




Grades K-8      
1 Child $7,602+ $634 $1,901
2 Children $11,403+ $951 $2,851
3 Children $14,064+ $1,172 $3,516
4 Children $15,964+ $1,331 $3,991
5 Children $17,421+ $1,452 $4,356
6 Children $20,906+ $1,743 $5,227
Grades 9-12      
1 Child $9,630* $803 $2,408
2 Children $14,766* $1,231 $3,692
3 Children $18,297* $1,525 $4,575
4 Children $21,186* $1,766 $5,297
G1, H1 $13,211*+ $1,101 $3,303
G1, H2 $17,013*+ $1,418 $4,254
G1, H3 $20,071*+ $1,673 $5,018
G2, H1 $15,728*+ $1,311 $3,932
G2, H2 $18,812*+ $1,568 $4,703
G2, H3 $21,312*+ $1,776 $5,328
G3, H1 $17,434*+ $1,453 $4,359
G3, H2 $19,981*+ $1,666 $4,996
G3, H3 $24,986*+ $2,083 $6,247
G4, H1 $18,684*+ $1,557 $4,671
G4, H2 $23,592*+ $1,966 $5,898

ACTUAL ZCS COST $6,335*          Last Year $6,210
ACTUAL HCHS COST $8,025+      Last Year $7,785

= A $150 charge per student will be added to all middle school students for laptop fees.
* A $380 charge per student will be added to all HCHS students for activity fees and laptop fees. (This amount is tentative as of 2/15/14.)

Zeeland Christian School is a covenantal family made up of many parents. Many years ago the School Board decided that it would  implement a sliding tuition schedule that would allow parents with more children to pay a lower percent of the cost of education. What this means at the present time is that a family with one child pays more than 100 percent of the cost of education; a family with more children pays less than 100 percent.

This system has worked extremely well over the years, but recently we have faced some problems with the system when the last child in a family is in high school and the family wants to enroll directly with Holland Christian to save money. What we as a school society are asking is that if you want to be part of the sliding scale program, you commit to it and stick with it all the way through the time when your children leave the system whether that is in eighth grade or twelfth grade. This way we can continue to provide this service for our families and continue to provide quality Christian education for the children in this community.

Preschool Tuition

2015-16 School Year

Threeschool Classes 
One-day classes are $190 per semester.

Two-day classes are $390 per semester.

Preschool/Four-year old Classes
Two-day classes are $395 per semester.

Three-day classes are $520 per semester.

Four-day classes are $675 per semester.

Young Fives Classes
$800 per semester.